Read and write IP addresses to an Ethernet device.

PLC Tools SIM-IPE Ethernet IP Address Explorer DHCP and Bootp Server

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It replaces your computer based BOOTP/DHCP Server and will quickly assign any IP address to any industrial BOOTP or DHCP enabled control device, like Programmable Controller, PLC communication modules, smart switches and I/O adapters.

-Detect unknown IP detection
-Set IP address
-Service DHCP/BOOTP requests
-Change static IP address (Target device must comply with Ethernet/IP CIP specification)
-Enable Bootp or DHCP to static or dynamic(Target device must comply with Ethernet/IP CIP specification)
- 10/100 Full/Half duplex support with autonegotiation
- Device info display via Ethernet/IP: Model, Revision, Serial number

Partial list of compatible controllers:

- Logix: 1756-ENBT, 1756-EN2T, 1756-EN2TR, 1768-ENBT, 1769-L32E, 1769-L35E - PLC5: 1785-L20E, 1785-L40E, 1785-L80E, 1785-ENET - SLC: 1747-L551, 1747-L552, 1747-L553, SLC 5/05 - Micrologix 1100: 1763-L16AWA, 1763-L16BWA, 1763-L16BBB - Flex I/O: 1788-ENBT, 1794-AENT - Point I/O: 1734-AENT, 1734-AENTR, 1738-AENT - Networking: Stratix 6000, 1761-NET-ENI

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  • 5
    Awesome Tool

    Posted by Chris on Aug 23rd 2021

    I have used this tool multiple times to find unknown IPs and change IPs of AB PLCs. I have used to change/set IPs on SMC EX600 and Hermann Ultrasonic welder.

  • 5
    IP Explorer

    Posted by Christopher Wright on Aug 19th 2021

    I used one of these a few years back to determine some unknown IPs of some PLCs and it worked flawlessly. This device will set the IP of SMC EX600 and I just recently used it to change the IP of a Ultrasonic welder unit. This device is worth every penny. I suggest anyone that is in the automation industry get one of these.

  • 5
    Time saver in a little package... say hello to my new little friend

    Posted by Zach Grove on Jul 29th 2021

    This this did in one try (2 mins) what BootP Ethernet/IP addressing tool could not in 1 hour. I love this thing. If your job requires to commission automation devices with an IP address or change IP address of existing devices, you have gotta try this.

  • 5
    IP Finder

    Posted by Joseph Swarowski on May 11th 2021

    Should have got this tool weeks ago It make finding the IP number so easy and the other features were a great bonus and aid for de bugging. Love it