Simulate a servo motion controller with a 5V differential line driver encoder.

PLC Tools SIM-S5V Servo Motion Control Simulator and Tester 5 VDC

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Servo Axis Simulator 5V is the next generation of our servo simulators.

This fast 5 Volt version has been developed to assist integrators and OEM in application development for projects with servo drives with analog command signal and incremental encoder feedback.

It allows debugging of motion applications in the lab environment, virtually on the table, with PLC or CNC only without actual running motors and drives.

It simulates servo axis with servomotor and encoder.
Servo Simulator 5V can generate maximum 32,500 pulses per second (130,000 in “A Quad B” or x4 mode).

Default encoder settings are 256 pulses per revolution.
It effectively provides 1024 positions per revolution if CNC or motion controller uses x4 mode.

IMPORTANT: This simulator requires an external 5V /100mA power supply.

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