What types of analog signals can the PLC Tools SIM-ALP2 connect to

This technote is to help clarify the types of devices our SIM-ALP2 can connect to.  It has a voltage range or -10 to +10VDC and a current range of 0-22mA.

Any voltage range between -10 to +10VDC can be generated in voltage mode. This covers +/-10VDC, 0-10VDC, can and 0-5VDC signals.

There are two mA modes depending on the particular circuit diagram of your actuator.  Current 2 wire which requires an external power supply and current source which generates the analog signal using two built in AA batteries. Both are capable of 0-22mA so they can simulate 4-20mA signals plus open and short circuit alarms along with probe faults that some sensors have.

Send us the circuit diagram of your device and we'll help you determine the operating mode and wiring diagram.