How to Discover Ethernet Devices on an Unknown Network Using PLC Tools SIM-IPE IP Explorer

You can connect the PLC Tools SIM-IPE to a network switch and discover active IP addresses on a network.

If you are like me then you end up at a lot of unfamiliar job sites that you don't know the IP addresses of the network. Using the Read Unknown IP feature of the PLC Tools SIM-IPE, you can plug into a spare port on the Ethernet switch and discover IP addresses on the network.  In this video we show you how

This is another feature that has been developed with the help of feedback from you. The IPE was originally designed to only plug directly into a device but user found that they could plug into an Ethernet switch and it would quickly list off all IP addresses on the network. We kept getting request to slow the speed that these were listed off at. We never thought about plugging it into an Ethernet switch but it became a popular undocumented feature so we were glad we could improve upon it and make it a supported feature.